Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Classic with Style - Simply The Best !: Magazine

Classic with Style - Simply The Best !: Magazine: Classic Glamour W/ Style Magz  ===The Hottest Business In Second Life: ===== Because we are Simply the Best!  jump to: http://classicgla... Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. WOW THIS MONTH HAS BEEN SO SO HECKED AND SO I HAVE BEEN SO SWAMP OF ALL THIS TASK I WENT THRU NOW I SAY THIS : Oh man. Oh man. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was preparing for this after the nomination...but it’s still a huge shock. Let me catch my breath for a second. Okay. So here I am. I know everyone says they’ve dream about this moment since they were a kid or whatever. I seriously did, though. Like, I pretended I was giving this speech many times over, except my audience was a bunch of stuffed animals and the like, not the Hollywood elite. It’s so weird, man. I’m telling you. tHIS HAS BEEN SO OVERWHELMED , THIS MONTH AND LAST MONTH First and foremost, In the whirlwind of last night, I was unwind and so sleepless, and all sort of tiny bits of critters inside me of nerve, thinking about this winner top model finale ,wow amazing and thanks so much I love u all!, STUNNING ! .oh well ,I say is here and now I must face the world I so say ., and now, OMG I have won this amazing finale, now, that is completely spectacular well to tell the true I have wait so so long for this oh.. about over 3 years now I finally got it so so trill once again thank you all ! Im so overwhelm,happy excited WOW! and so speechless but is one think i can say about this amazing, competitive Top Model Finale, I went through and now I know why we do this it is a experience , a learning process I learn how to me more confidence self awareness , my leaderships has increase, or gaining, getting all lay out in order omg I can keep on but ill stop if not ill end up writing a book (lol), But i do want to say this has been a huge Jetport and ,huge task ! was not I can tell you that .. .. to thanks the fourth incredibly important people to this modeling experience and in my life, "the most incredible experience of my life" and "for your genius, for your guidance, for teaching me things about myself and nurturing me to be a better person. Once again thank you so much and will like to say good luck to you all in your future and all that have to do any sort of hard task in this wonderful place CWS! THANK YOU AND CONGRATS TO YOU ALL I BOW MY HEAD TO CWS to you and ALL.!! NOW MAY CALENDAR.MAY WINNING MONTH CONTEST OF so you think you can dance, 4 winning all this in one month unreal wtg Mr ziggy ! BUIT NOW HEAR THIS I HAVE ALSO WON 1ST RUNNER IN TOP MODEL FINALE ON MAY 19 2013 HERE ARE SOME PICTURE FROM THE TOP MODEL FINALE AND FUTURTISIC MAY 2013