Sunday, September 30, 2012

KIDS MODELING SCH OF TMA/ / We are the first Mixed Modeling Agency With Children/Adults . (Male And Female) INTRODUCING MY NEW JOB AS INSTRUCTOR-TEACHING KIDS 5 TO 16 OF AGES A AWESOME SCHOOL TO ATTEND AND A VERY RESPECTFUL SCHOOL. Home Academy Enrollment Plans New's TMA Models B L O G ! S P O N S O R TMA Staff TMA Graduates Enroll Online Course TMA Modeling Agency & Academy Welcome To TMA Modeling Agency Introduction Welcome To TM Modeling Agency We Are a Modeling Agency We Are also New to the Grid and we are here To Stay i Am Proud to say We are the first Mixed Modeling Agency With Children/Adults . Male & Female . We Came to mark Our Place on the Grid In the Fall Of 2012 And wish To Mark down many more Years And Make this Agency A Success Not only Are we A Business But this Modeling Agency will be Ran And Treated like a Very own Family its Self. We offer So many different Opportunity's To Accomplish here all the dreams that you may have to be in the fashion Industry begins to venture out from here. The Reason We Are here Today TM Modeling Agency Was Brought to the grid because We felt that the children of secondlife could Do a huge thing to the fashion industry in secondlife there is allot of wonderful Kids Designer's With the talents of making Dope clothing so why not Showcase the talents of the children in secondlife they should have a spot on the grid as so the adults do. The agency isn't just for children as we look upon adult modeling talent's and fashion dreams. We have a full staff and the Modeling Coordinators are looking forward to the first ever TM modeling Fall Term. In October of 2012 this will begin the journey of TM modeling Agency and we shall continue to carry on this journey forever. Goal The Goal of TM modeling Agency is To be able to See People succeed in what they like to do in Secondlife We here at TM Are Looking To see allot of Graduation Ceremony's Dedicated to our Fellow Modeling Students that Attend our Modeling Academy And Venture our to Start there modeling Career as A certified model in Secondlife. We Offer Our models Something New Called " Get Signed With Your Agency " Its a Thing were when the models are certified they can become a model for TM agency by Signing a Contract with us and begin modeling and posing in Magazine's Huge & Live runway shows With PAY!