Friday, January 25, 2013

~ CHINESE NEW YEAR THEME ~ ' YEAR OF THE SNAKE ' amazing zig 3rd place just stunning outfit too wtg!

01/25/2013 ~ CHINESE NEW YEAR THEME ~ ' YEAR OF THE SNAKE ' Zigrich Zsigmond Good evening,Ladies,Gentlemen, Students,Staff,CEO,Executive, vice president and president I welcome all of you to the wonderful styling fashion at UCWS Simply The Best , today ' Theme is Styling Chinese New Years Theme , hear is a little history and my wearing of outfit Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year has a great history. In other traditions, by this time in the year, most resolutions - made on December 31 - have been subtly forgotten and placed in a cupboard marked "maybe next year." However, all hope is not lost, as there's a second chance to start afresh with the celebration of Chinese New Year on February 10th. The Chinese New Year is very similar to the Western one, swathed in traditions and rituals. The origin of the Chinese New Year is itself centuries old - in fact, too old to actually be traced. It is popularly recognized as the Spring Festival and celebrations last 15 days. Preparations tend to begin a month from the date of the Chinese New Year (similar to a Western Christmas), when people start buying presents, decoration materials, food and clothing. A huge clean-up gets underway days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom, to sweep away any traces of bad luck, and doors and windowpanes are given a new coat of paint, usually red. The doors and windows are then decorated with paper cuts and couplets with themes such as happiness, wealth and longevity printed on them. zig out fit is just completely amazing : 1. Chinese male hat 2. CHINA MALE hair 3. Luck of the Irish Lashes 4. facial jap snake make-up by skate horse amazing artist 5. dark collar jap neck holder 6. china's elite of han dynasty 7. shape shark Pomilio spike china bothends l/r 8. :[F.A.A]: kick sleeev by jap made L/R 9. Power Sword Made by Drakneir Yellowknife 10. china's elite of han dynasty -TOP 11. china's elite of han dynasty BOTTOM 12. EXTRA BACK SLEEVE l/r amzing silk is all made 13. Fudoshin Geta - Left Foot V1.0/right jap wood shoe 14. FIREWORKS MINI DISPLAY/BACK GROUND CITY OF CHINA TOWN PEOPLE CELEBRATING/CHINA NEW YEARS LITE/LITE STONE /HUGE WHITE SNAKE BY CHU DAVIE. 15. the amazing sea horse SNAKE BY KETH JAY Zig, have all his clothing/costume in well good taste! ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL OF YOU TO MAKE A EFFORT TO COME TO SEE THE SHOW, MY THANKS ALSO GO TO ALL THE CWS STAFF,ALL DID AWESOME JOB FOR US TO BE COME A FABULOUS MODEL-! MY blog is -- on this blog you wills ee all my clothing that had style in this wonderful place UCWS SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!! A SPECIAL NOTE- TO THE AMAZING CHINESE CULTURE -In ancient China and Japan it was common to have pet crickets. From the peasants up to the emperor in the Forbidden City, people loved their pet crickets. The Qing dynasty was particularly fond of their fighting crickets. ****ALSO IN NEW YORK CITY WILL BE A HUGE CELEBRATION ON THE 10TH OF FEBRUARY THE THEME FOR CHINESE NEW YEARS IS 'SNAKE' 2013 **** NOTE:: SNAKE N DRAGON ARE VERY CLOSE TO FAMILY SO IS OK WITH THE CHINESE RULES