Saturday, February 9, 2013

*~☻♥☻♥Laylah Lecker~~~☻♥☻♥*~

laylah is one of the best staff in cws she make you laugh she easy to get along she a angel in my eyes i love her to death she so sweet and a awesome teacher at cws, she teach blog and she a blogger were she blog for cws and all the events. also , she been a very important person in my second life beside the others wonderful staff at cws but lay lay that how i called her (lol) oh by the way she as smooth as is come .. and again along whth the othe staff tiff vickly i called vic like my real life name yes my name is victor ,, so i guess vic n vic we got some ,some thing in commin ;lol any way I love them all and my wish go to all of you and god bless !.. Ziggy/Agee