Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hello, and I want to express my self to show my thoughts and share and feel about  the contest i have seen, first for most,the UCWS has show me that this school is the most asset and informative of any other school i know of, reason being, for the low cost we contribute it sure teach us a whole lot of information, thus on top of that the staff are stunning, they treat like gold and be on top and every time i go to see the fabulous show i learn so much just by watching and i want to share this with you all.  It is very excited, very organize and well spoken, let me tell you, the music the people and over are outstanding, one of the best fashion show i had seen so far, so you people out there please take a moment and drop by you me amaze.  Here are some clip that you must see from UCWS FASHION IS NOT HALLWEEN THO BUT IS FABULOUS FASHION:

                                   All the show that i had seen was truly  outstanding just fab and the hawaiian theme show was also stunning on that show SD Damaino one of my classmate has shown great performance and was just fabulous with her outstanding glowing out fit she had, she won first place and of course the others two ladies Angel and Deima then come halloween, never thought that i'll win yes indeed i won and it was so stunning, i mean  this had mean up in the roof, it was very excited and and scary

Classic w/ Style University of Modeling & Fashion

Classic w/ Style University of Modeling & Fashion: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ziggy Bio

Zigrich Zsigmond is one of the most prolific men to ever grace this great SL Virtual game with his presence, and is considered to be one of the greatest AVI inSL, Because of his relentless aggression,kindness,helping people in SL the day he was born and  towards manny classes he had attended during his cost of his time(4 years and 9 months), the future of the Virturewould be forever changed. He inevitably was willing to sacrifice his life and duty for his beliefs and job well done ,Zig Zsigmond life from his point of view.
Zigmond was born on12-20-2006 , Though  attended manny school in sl,zig always wanted to be come a super model and now he wil have that chance if he keep up his good work .  Now working with DMG Creation at the Brasov City as a Live Model in store(SL), Zigrich Zsigmond in this virtual world game called SECOND LIFE )is widely known for his social commentary,Modeling,Builing Site,Photo shoot,jewerly, delivered through his portrayals of characters from the city streetsand useing this virual world game has also increase his abilities to become professionally. While the idea of using the urban landscape as a canvas
Fashion/Modeling/Audio/Photo remains a constant, he continues to show his fine art/audio/modeling in Fashion in Second life and  among others. He was recently invited to exhibit and has been featured in publications such as Theional and non-traditional art and visual media. After attending the  Audio Visual and fashion world in sl and Arts/Modeling with an emphasis on fine modeling illustration, with Vic Zuzu ( a very fine man with good education soon ill go to his teaching school.) he honed his skills at the Photo/Art/Modeling Institute ,Zig, has also attended The MA modeling Academy and on the 11th of September will be graduating from MA Academy with his  5 other ladies in batch 6.   One thing i can say , thrught out my experience in sl for almost 5 years, MA has thought me alot, all the staff in MA ACM. HAS SHOWN ALOT OF EFFORT! I AM SO PROUND OF WHAT THEY DID FOR ME IS JUST STUNNIG!
  I(zig) like to work fast, unconsciously and spontaneously. I concentrate on good materials from my immediate environment and preparing my surfaces. I like to work on 5 pieces of clothing at a time and watch myself and say "hmmm", in unison and unique. I have been pushing the level of integrity in my work a lot though lately, looking deeper into color and mood to better capture and translate the human experience and in this fashion world we live in.