Tuesday, February 12, 2013


02/11/2013 Zig rich Zsigmond * DESCRIPTION * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Styling All Saints Theme~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good evening,Ladies,Gentlemen, Students,Staff,CEO,Executive, vice president and president I welcome all of you to the wonderful styling fashion at UCWS Simply The Best! here is a little history - The New Orleans Saints are an American professional football franchise based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They are currently members of the Southern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The team was founded by John W. Me-com, Jr. and David Dixon and the city of New Orleans. The Saints began play at Tulane Stadium in 1967. The name “Saints” is an allusion to November 1 being All Saints Day in the Catholic faith, New Orleans large Catholic population, and the spiritual When the Saints Go Marching In, which is strongly associated with New Orleans. The team's primary colors are old gold and black; their logo is a simplified Fleur-de-lis. Ziggy IS wearing a awesome 1948 NEW ORE LEAN FOOTBALL UNINFORMED ,BAD THEN THESES OUTFIT WAS VERY EXPENSIVE AND VERY POPULAR IT WAS NOT TO MUCH PROTECTION BUT IT WAS WELL KNOWN AS A DESIGNER -BILL HAYES SCOTT A FAMOUS DESIGNER HAS MADE MILLIONS OF THESES NEW ORLEANS THE SAINTS GREATEST FOOT BALL IN NFL. THE HELMET IS JUST COMPLETELY AMAZING ,IT WAS STRONG .. FROM MAGAZINE TALK ABOUT ,ZIG SHAPE IT JUST FIR LIKE HE WAS A PRO FOOTBALL PLYER OH HES A PLAYER ALRIGHT . LOL LOVE THE LADIES HEHE NOW ZIG FOOT BALL IS ANOTHER GREAT ITEMS HE BOUGHT AT MARKET PLACE IT THROW AND THEN COME TO YOU . AWESOME ! SNEAKERS MADE BY REDGRAVE COME IN ALL COLORERS ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL OF YOU TO MAKE A EFFORT TO COME TO SEE THE SHOW, MY THANKS ALSO GO TO ALL THE CWS STAFF, Steve and Anrol,ALL DID AWESOME JOB FOR US TO BE COME A FABULOUS MODEL-!