Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Styling Psycho Theme- 2 second Place At CWS

Styling Psycho Theme 10/29/2012 Zigrich Zsigmond Good evening,Ladies,Gentlemen, Students,Staff,CEO,Executive, vice president and president I welcome all of you to this wonderful Adam n eve fashion show: We learn from people stying different ways and when i became crazy and start or should i say I'm having rush thought about killing and see all kinds gush n dark red bloody i wanted to be a physic o path and got so additive to see blood glutting out human blood...HaHaHa- this outstanding out fit im wearing is just stunning it show all of you that you can actually style this and win good prize when contest appear like Halloween ect... that clothing is not an arbitrary choice on the part of man. The need for clothing is closely connected with man acquiring the knowledge of good and evil. It is also obvious that not every choice of covering is acceptable. Zig rich Zsigmond is wearing a outstanding, his personnel outfit to show his gorgeous style, he wearing a bloody smooth Gabriel blue Jean with blood all over stunning Spot attachment through out his whole out fit just simply stunning this smooth Outfit made by Gabriel Hikes She own a fabulous men women store and has been number one in sl . Last but not least My good friend Steve( LOL ) the clever psycho man ,I ask him to join me to rob the jewelery store that have all nice ruby and to help kill some folks hahahah Yes im Psycho all right ! ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL OF YOU TO MAKE A EFFORT TO COME TO SEE THE SHOW, MY THANKS ALSO GO TO ALL THE CWS STAFF, Steve and Anrol and ALL, DID AWESOME JOB FOR US TO BE COME A FABULOUS MODEL-! Shirt: :: GB::GCBloody T shirt with Torn Pants: :: GB::GC Bloody Pants Hair: skin blod tan Shoes: Bloody Dip Boots-by GB Grey Scotthoe Jewelry: GB::Achilleus pierce N incl Blood Ruby rings and(VS) INVOLVED Necklace Blood Ruby Tattoos: Market place- Kaye Slow Bloody cuts mix with skin Tattoos Accessors-1: Norman Bates Knife Bloody with sound completely Stunning Accessors-2: Psycho Naked Man With Cleaver-By Galdron Dragona