Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zig, is wearing a stunning hair piece TM - Pirate M Black Cherry Flame Ti by hair stylist Tami Mccoy,completely fabulous,his eyes are as stunning like his hair,eyes are made by Montanna Sigal, included with his stunning lashes and eyes shadow. His gorgeous black-chain-SD COLLANA by sugar Delici and his stunning earrings gold stud n silver by Ziggy himself made it together with Alba2 Rossini completely fabulous. The piercing is just outstanding ,zig have a silver piercing on his left upper eye-brd and on his nipple and on his belly heart made by ; Ganja Snakeanki,and Gort Grot, just amazing now along with that his stunning bracelet,silver with a lock and key on side a piece a art work made by; Luana Juliesse and now come the most important wearing his stunning underwear and his awesome red boots both made by Swaffette Firefly-she a amazing designer has been in SL over 8 years ,her clothing line and all her products is simply fabulous a must look at her shop is completely outstanding! These items it have fitted to perfection ,the Valentine underwear comes in 3 sets, the elfin/cowboy boots ( is unisex product) fit so smooth and a comfort to walk.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.